Atlantic Gaming Desk

With literally hundreds of different makes, models and styles to choose from it can become a minefield in deciding which desk would make the perfect addition to a gamers arsenal.Atlantic Gaming has designed a purpose made desk with gamers in mind which will suit players of all ages and homes with different types of decor. Atlantic has ensured you have everything you need built in and the unit itself takes up very little space making it the perfect option for a well organized and compact gaming space. The desk is priced fairly low when compared to other models leaving you more cash to spend on your gaming hardware!

Keep reading my full Atlantic Desk review to find out all the pro’s and con’s which will help you decide if this is the best choice – I think you will agree it is one of the best options when it comes to a purpose built gamer desk.

Metal Ergonomic Gaming DeskDesk Design

The first thing you will notice is the amount of effort that went in to the design process to keep all the components neat and tidy. Everything is set out in an ordered fashion and there are hooks and attachments to keep everything you need for the perfect gaming experience out of your way. Most of the desks I have used in the past end up cluttered with speakers, headphones, cables and remotes and there is not that much you can do about it. The desk even has a handy drinks holder to ensure you do not knock anything over by accident which could damage to your hardware.


Apart from the obvious features which you will see from the image above you will also notice a handy cell and home telephone shelf in the left hand corner. This is a well thought out feature as we all need our phones handy and it also ensures charging cables are kept out of the way as they can be tied to the back leg. Headphones are covered with a small hook on the right side, a simple but excellent idea as it keeps them out of the way and prevents you “driving over them” if you have a seat with wheels. I have replaced my headphones numerous times due to the wires becoming tangled and damaged. Speakers have convenient trays located at the back of the desk which saves space. There is also a small shelf on the right hand side to take care of game discs or DVD’s as well as your Playstation or X Box remotes – I don’t really use these as designed but they do come in handy for storing other items you might want to use from time to time.  A small pull out draw is included under the main desk which can be used to keep other accessories or a keyboard if you are gaming with remotes. The features stand out a little better on the image below.


Atlantic Gaming DeskBuild Quality and Materials

Made from a mixture of high quality stainless steel and PVC it is going to be hard to do any lasting damage to this unit. The frame is stainless and I have found it to be solid enough to suit my purposes – I have used similar constructed desks in the past and it becomes a pain when they wobble or feel un-sturdy during game play. The PVC surface works well and looks good but it may scratch via heavy use. As the primary use will be gaming it is unlikely to become damaged and should keep a shiny fresh look well into the future. The extra attachments are also made of steel making them strong enough to hold most accessories I use. I did find the speakers occasionally rattle against the stands with high volume, a problem I easily solved by using some double sided padded tape.


The desk has the following dimensions.

Surface dimensions without attachments fitted –  40.25″ X 23.5″
Surface dimensions with attachments fitted: 49.25″ X 24″
Dimensions from floor to desk surface: 29 3/8″


The Atlantic gaming desk is a great buy for anyone looking for a well designed product with all the handy attachments. The unit is compact overall and will compliment gamers by keeping everything in its place via an uncluttered gaming area. To check out the latest pricing, shipping information and plenty of 5 star customer reviews please click here.


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