Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

Once again, this corner workstation is not primarily aimed at gamers but if you are looking for a nice big spacious desk which will allow you to fit all the gear you could (almost) ever dream of then theĀ Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation In Tuscany Brown & Black is well worth a look at. Quality is always important, especially with a product like this which you do not plan on replacing very often, and this is a top class product that will stand the test of time. Let’s take a closer look and find out more about it.

Bestar Hampton Laminate Desk

Style and Design

This desk has a more traditional look and feel and will work nicely for gamers as well as the usual office and computer work. The unit has plenty of space giving plenty of options for configuration and setup depending on the style and spacing within the home. Construction is from the usual laminates but the one striking feature of this desk is the sturdiness – it is perhaps one of the most solid desks I have ever seen in this price range without buying a solid wooden product instead. Some games may require a lot of fast and furious action and having a desk that feels solid and has no movement can make the experience that much better. The Bestar Hampton desk is designed to fit nicely in the corner of your room but works equally well against a wall in the center of the room. Due to the absence of a back-board below the desk can easily accommodate additional people on either of the two sides when the desk is installed in the middle of the room.

Desk Features

One of the well thought out features of this desk is the simple cupboard on the bottom right that will easily house your PC tower. In other reviews I have mentioned how this can become a problem especially with high-end PC’s with heat. You have the option with this Bestar Hampton desk to leave the backing off the cupboard entirely (which you cannot see anyway) allowing you to store the tower inside without worrying about a build up of heat.

As with most desks these days you will find a pull out keyboard tray which is perfect for gaming with remotes or joysticks to keep it out the way.

The desk arrives ready to assemble with easy and simple instructions indicating which piece goes where. Previous customers recommend a second person to assist with the assembly as it is difficult for one person to install the top section due to the size and weight. The desk is also quite heavy once assembled and it is quite awkward to move on your own!

Desk Sizes, Dimensions and Color Options

70.1 x 70.1 x 35.3 inches is the total size of this product and it weighs in at 175 pounds. There are two different color options available – Brown and Black or Charcoal and Tan.


This product makes sense if you are looking for a larger more spacious desk which will suit gaming as well as work, studies or any other activity which is best performed with a bit of room. The desk is solid and features high quality components and will make the perfect solution for those long gaming hours!Click here to visit Amazon and check out other customer reviews and get your gaming area sorted!


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