Bush Cabot Collection 60 inch L Shape Desk

There are plenty of different wooden desks available right now to choose from but for gaming purposes there are some important things to consider. Many of them contain PC slots to hold your tower, this is never a good idea as they are often no more than 11″ which is too small for powerful modern PC’s in custom cases. These slots also cause excessive heat to build up around the computer which can cause thermal processor events and other problems, not something you want to deal with in the middle of a game! The Bush Furniture Cabot Collection L-Desk has a couple of nice features I like and it also features a modern design. This desk is really aimed for a corner but it will also work against the wall.

Bush CabotStyling and Design

The first thing you will probably notice is the modern style and design, dark woods suits a gaming atmosphere and also shows up less dirt and dust than lighter colored wooden desks. This 60 inch desk is geared for a seat in the center area giving a spacious feel and plenty of surface area. The overall desk is compact making it a good choice for the smaller home or modern flat and it does have cupboards and draws to help you keep some of your gaming kit stored away for easy use. The draw works on a ball bearing system which is much better than normal runners, as the wood shrinks and expands during seasonal changes they can often be difficult to move in and out easily. The cupboard on the bottom right comes with a stylish glass fluted door to enhance the look and feel of the unit. There is also space above the cupboard and draws to keep extra items or use (as in the picture) as a charging station for your phone.

Desk Features

One of the best features of this particular desk is the inclusion of a handy bank of 4 USB ports that are integrated in the top. Gamers will particularly like this feature as it can allow for peripherals to be plugged negating the need for loose cables lying around down by your feet.

Cobot Desk USB

Cobolt Phone Shelf





I think this an excellent idea and I hope more manufacturers decide to adopt this feature!

The desk also has a phone shelf to store your phone or leave in a convenient place while charging.

Assembly on this product is not the easiest and can take awhile if you are not that much of a handyman. The instructions are clear enough but quite a few people have mentioned that they struggled a little bit to figure it out. If you are not the best with DIY then you may want to consider another model to avoid any frustration.


The Bush Cabot desk comes in with the following measurements – 59.4 x 59.4 x 30.2 with a total weight of 76 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the desk will suit the purpose of the gaming enthusiast and has a modern look and feel. There are some handy features included and the unit itself is neat and compact.Get more information and the latest pricing here


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