Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

I must admit that of all the desks I have had the opportunity to either use or review the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is probably my favorite. Not only does this desk look really good but it works especially well for a gaming setup. Apart from the visual appeal and unique styling it features glass, which I love, but without the usual problems. Most glass desks are see-through which is always a negative when it comes to all the plugs and cables that are difficult to hide. With the smoked black glass on the surface of this model you cannot through – also it is harder to spot the inevitable smudges, stains and hand prints which you always get with glass models. Lets take a close look at the Walker Edison desk and see why it is one of the hottest models currently available.

Corner Style Desk 2Design and Style

At a first glance this desk has an impressive look and will certainly complement modern style decor in the home. It also works out nicely for gaming as there is plenty of space with the two separate surfaces. The stand is very stable thanks to the use of a high quality stainless steel frame with crossbars to ensure a solid feel. The stainless has been powder coated for extra durability and to present a high quality finish. This desk will not move at all once setup, even during hardcore sessions. another essential factor for serious gaming. The 6mm glass is tempered for safety and is supplied in three separate sections. The product is also available in a silver finish with clear glass (see below) but to be honest the black looks far superior. A third model includes the black stand but ships with clear glass. With three options you are likely to prefer one over the others and you also have the option of selecting one that matches other furniture in your home.


Soreno Gaming Desk - SilverFeatures

If you look to the bottom of the image you will see a computer stand has been included which accepts a standard case – if you are using oversize cases for gaming it might work out too small. A keyboard draw has been included and as with other models you can choose which side you wish to install it. This feature is a must in my opinion as you never know how you might want to move things around in the future. The desk does not come with a shelf to accommodate a monitor but most of us will not use that anyway – prolonged gaming sessions can result in neck ache due to the slightly higher angle and I personally never use the shelf.

The corner (or L) configuration makes a lot of sense for a gaming setup as it provides plenty of space with the option to put hardware on one section and leave the other side empty for making notes or doing other work – anyone who spends a lot of time in the front of the PC will be glad for the extra room.

Assembly is relatively simple with detailed instructions that are very simple to follow.


The desk offers a decent size coming in at 51″ x 29″ x 51″ and weighs in at 60 pounds.


Out of all the models on the site this desk is probably my favorite and will suit gamers down to the ground. With a sleek and modern design as well as high quality finishing this is a superb quality product with ample space that will look great in any home. With over 600 5 star reviews at Amazon it seems most people agree. Click here to get more information from Amazon.



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